Pioneer Log Cabin

Building shelter was a first priority for early settlers as they made their way across the Appalachian Mountains. The easiest structure to build was a one-room log cabin that was shared by the whole family. The floor was usually dirt, and the focal point of the room would be a woodburning fireplace to keep them warm and cook food. As the pioneers made improvements to their homes, wooden shingles were added to the roof.
The Museum’s log cabin features a unique trundle bed in which each member of the family would sleep. The parents slept in the main bed while their children used the smaller pull-out bed that could easily be tucked away during the day. Also on display are various household tools like candle molds, a coffee grinder, canning jars, and a cast iron skillet. Just outside the entrance of the log cabin sits a horse-drawn carriage, which was the main mode of transportation for early pioneers.

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